No. 67: How to survive a long haul flight with class?


Flying all the way to Australia takes more than 20 hours. It sounds like a nightmare, and it can become one if You aren't well prepared. It doesn't matter which class You're flying with (I was lucky enough to use my network and get a free upgrade!!!). 20+ hours in a sitting position can be killing, especially when it's You're first international flight.


Check the airline You're flying with whether they provide thier customers with items like eye masks, blankets and earplugs (I was flying with KLM and its partners, so I didn't have to worry about that).


1. Your own bottle of water.

Many people throw away bottles before heading to the security line, while You can take an empty bottle with You and don't overspend money at the airport's shops. Just empty Your bottle, pass the security check and use it again afterwards. Flight attendants will fill up the bottle for You during the trip as many times as You want to.

2. Toiletries

Bring all mini packages and travel-sized bottles of face cleansers, hand anti-bacterial gel, toothpaste and a toothbrush, make-up items and face creams with You in the carry-on luggage, so You can easily refresh Yourself at any time. Wipe Your hands with a moisturized tissue every time You have a contact with a person on the plane or after touching Your sit and the table. Planes are in general looking spotless, but people often catch some germs. Don't forget eye-drops. The air on board will be very dry, and Your eyes will soar.


3. Entertain Yourself

You'll be provided with a wide selection of entertainment on board however You may not like everything that is being offered. Bring Your books, journal and music with You so You can fall into Your own world of amusement.


4. Extra clothing

Above all, on a long haul flight, You must feel comfortable rather than look stunning. Put on a pair of comfy and loose pants, tee, a pair of very comfortable shoes that You easily take off, thick scarf/ jumper and a pair of warm socks (planes are freezing). Pack in Your hand luggage extra underwear, a t-shirt, pants and socks. You can change it when transferring or during the flight (I changed mine at the airport in Shanghai). Be smart and dress up with layers. You'll avoid feeling too hot or too cold.


5. Bring Your healthy snacks

Food bags that haven't been open should pass through the security check. Get Yourself some nuts and dried fruit. Avoid any greasy food and meat that have been prepared under some weird conditions (I had fish on my way back to Amsterdam, and I was nauseated). Eat light and little.


6. The right seat

Plan well for You jet leg and pick the right place. If You have to sleep on the plane (bring the pillow with You), choose the seat by the window so You can lean on Your head. If You have to stay awake on the plane ( I had to), sit on the aisle side (if You have to move a bit or go to the toilet, You won't have to wake up anybody to walk).


7. Move, move, move

Every 1,5-hour walk around the plane to boost the blood circulation in Your veins, stand for a couple of minutes or do some extra stretch exercises.


8. Always ask

If You're not feeling well or have any other concerns and questions, ask the plane staff to hep You. They are all there for You and will be willing to help at all times. Above all, enjoy Your trip and have fun.


What are Your experiences during international flights?