No. 71: Would a classy woman do it when dating?


I had a great talk last week with two senior men (they were little boys during the WWII). Of course, we have touched the matter of manners and common behaviour. I know it's the 21st century, but the are still some timeless rules you should follow if you don't want to appear easy but instead you want to remain classy and elegant. It might not be popular, but if you want to attract a decent man into your life, you have to raise your standards and start sticking to your own rules (no matter what!)

Would a classy woman...

1. ask a man out first? Definitely not (if it's a date). It's his job to chase females, not yours. The only thing you can do is to learn the art of flirtation and seduction. Give him a clear message that you're interested in (learn more about the body language). 


2. mention splitting the bill or offer to pay on a date? Read above


3. try Internet dating? If You can't make it in the real world what makes the difference in the virtual world? Of course, I know myself examples of couples who met thanks to the invention of the Internet but comparing to the whole community it's a tiny group. You can try some trusted websites if you're looking for a soulmate but don't end up like Tinderella.


4. keep your cards close to your chest? Hell yes! When it comes to your love life, keep people guessing. Not everyone has to know about Your little affairs, flirts and all dates that you have ever had.


5. ask her partner for a professional advice? Whether it comes to finances, business or some serious matters, the answer is yes. Women are often involved emotionally, and men tend to look at the cold facts.


6. believe in love at first sight? Definitely yes.  Have faith that it can happen out of the blue in the most unexpected moment.

Would You like to add something that list?