October escape to Monaco


I hope You're all doing great and enjoy the upcoming weekend. Amsterdam seems to be very busy because of the Amsterdam Dance Event, but I can't complain :) There are never too many new people in the city.


My last day of the trip to the Cote d'Azur, I spent in Monte Carlo, the city of the famous casino, expensive cars, luxurious yachts and fabulous apartments. The weather wasn't promising when I was leaving Nice, but at the end, I enjoyed some sunshine (carrying an umbrella with me).


Getting there: in the port of Nice (Le Port Nice) You'll find a bus no. 100 with a huge sign on in MONACO. That's the bus You have to take (there is also an option of taking the train, but I wanted to watch the shore along the ride). I strongly recommend sitting on the right side of the bus so that You can look at the sea and the coast (and take some great photos). One way ride costs 1,50 euros, and it takes about 30mins (depending on how busy the bus is and whether it has to stop at every single bus stop). The same bus goes as well to villages like Eze, Antibes and Menton (and many others). If You want to take some more beautiful pictures and enjoy the local life of the Provincials, You should add those little towns to Your list. The bus leaves every 20 minutes.


I got off at the Monte Carlo Casino bus stop and walked up the hill to find the famous casino.

Tip! Monte Carlo is located on hills which means the roads are up and down. Take some comfortable shoes and get ready for loads of walking if You want to enjoy the views and play with Your camera.


Things to see: I went to see the Palace, where the royal family lives and the aquarium. I know that there is also the Car Museum (but I don't have this much interest in cars, so I passed on). If You don't feel like entering any indoors, I recommend just having a decent walk around the whole city (it's really tiny) and enjoying the views.


Prices: Surprisingly, I found Monte Carlo cheaper than Nice. I am sure that the town council wants to attract more tourists and prices of spots and restaurants are low. I find the Cote d'Azur way cheaper than Amsterdam though.


I must admit that visiting Monaco was an excellent choice and I definitely smash any statements about Monaco being expensive. I'm sure there are pricey places, but You can find spots and things to see and do for a very low price or maybe even for free.


Are You planning to visit Monaco? If so, when?