No. 70: Weekend in Nice

Good morning!

Good morning!


Last weekend I spent in Nice, France and today I want to share with You some of the pics I have taken. I'll try to encourage You to pick this destination for Your next trip. I can guarantee that You'll enjoy it.

I booked the first available plane on Saturday (early) morning so that I could have four full days (I was flying back to Amsterdam on Tuesday evening). I managed to get an excellent deal with Transavia (the company celebrates 50 years, so many flights are on sale due to that occasion). I was looking for an accommodation either in the city centre or close to the beach. I follow a rule on and look at suites that have 8.0 or more points from all reviews and ALWAYS read complaints (people share those stuff for a reason and You don't to have a ruined stay no matter where You travel). 

The airport in Nice is very tiny and a 15-minute drive to the port of Nice Le Port Nice.  You can transfer from the airport by bus, train or taxi (or Uber taxi - I paid around 17 euros). On the airport web page, You'll find all necessary information. I was lucky enough to get a full itinerary from the hotel with all possible ways to get to the booked residence.

The first day I spent at the beach after dropping off my luggage at the B&B. The weather was insanely warm and I wasn't aware of that when checking the weather forecast (didn't take my bikini). I was very fortunate to meet some great people at the reception area of the guesthouse I was staying at.

On weekends You can find plenty of markets where You can buy handmade things (clothes, handbags, jewellery, paintings and so on). In the evening I went with my new friend for a dinner to a Spanish restaurant and enjoyed some tapas.

On Sunday I had a walk around the city and bumped into a great car show (no pics were allowed to be taken). Some of my new friends were leaving on that day so I went to see them off at the station and spend the rest of the day just passing through the streets. In the evening I went out with two people, Cristina and Mauricio to a little bar round the corner of the guesthouse and tried some local wines and beers.

Monday and Tuesday I travelled to Cannes and Monte Carlo (there will be two separate posts about those day trips). I tried my best to take the most out of this trip and see as much as I can.

I was actually impressed by the buzzing nightlife and amenities that the city has to provide for its visitors. I haven't' felt bored even for one second. Stunning architecture, the warmth of the locals and great food will definitely create beautiful memories.
Have You been to Nice? If so, what did You like the most?