No. 35: Manners on a cruise ship * Nr 35: Etykieta na statku

It would be a sin if I did not mention about one of the biggest events that has occured this summer in Amsterdam - SAIL 2015.

The event is organised every five years, and its story begins with the celebration of Amsterdam's 700th 'birthday' in 1975. Ships from all over the world were invited to moor in the city (as we all know Amsterdam has been a port city for many centuries). The event has turned out being a great success and since then and on every five years ships, sailing boats and whatever sails on the water are more than welcome to feast the memory of the first SAIL AMSTERDAM. You can read more on the official website SAIL AMSTERDAM 2015.

Photos of SAIL AMSTERDAM 2015 come from the Internet

Today I want to share with You on how to properly act when being on board or attending a 'nautical' event (it is almost like being on board). Such places like cruise ships are usually full of international guests and what is normal for us, might be offending for other cultures, so let's have others in mind so that everyone can enjoy the holiday. Cruises are a great ideas for vacation and to unwind. Prices on ships are mostly 'all inclusive' except alcohol and gambling games (You must pay for it yourself). When stopping over in various cities, it's a great idea to explore those places (some cruise ship companies sell tickets with offers including city sightseeing). In the final calculation, such a holiday may be even cheaper than regular travel, but You have to check it out ( it also depends on Your budget).

No matter where You go, how You are getting there and what You are about to do, there are always some rules to make You act gracefully and to treat others with kindness. I think it is important to being sensitive to other people's feelings, so we all can have a good time.

Properly dressed

I know it is Your holiday/ You are attending SAIL/ it is hot/ You bought a new bikini/..., despite this, however, showing off with Your underwear/ swimwear/ nightwear (!!) is highly unacceptable. You do not have to dress like a nun, but just cover up Yourself when being among people or not swimming. There plenty of beautiful beach clothing available such as kaftan, sarongs, maxi dresses, play-suits, kimonos, casual trousers and beach dresses.


Do not be a hog

It happens everywhere, not only on cruise ships. There are groups of people who save places or items for later saying to others 'this place is booked; thses items are being used' when spots are actually empty, and things are not used. If You are not using something or not staying somewhere, it should be available for others. When travelling/ attending an event with a spouse, friend or family set a seat/ spot aside but not entire row (do not be so thoughtless). Once again, make room for others!

Photo by Evan Leeson, Flickr

Watch over Your children

When both travelling with children or taking them with You to the harbour to watch tall ships, make sure they are not running around, splashing others and getting lost. Anything that wouldn't be appropriate at home or on land is as same impolite and unkind on the ship or during the event. It is for Your safety and the safety of others.


Spas and gyms

There are areas on ships where jogging is permitted. If You are used to running very early in the morning or very late at night, think of all the passengers who have cabins below the deck. People are asleep, so Your run should be saved during the hours indicated in the daily program.

Make sure that You are wearing appropriate work-out attire and wipe away the equipment that you were using when You are finished. Do not take over time, especially when You see people waiting to use the equipment after You..

Photo by Monika, Flickr

Smoking area

There are specially prepared smoking rooms on cruises and when being on land think about non-smokers and go to spots that are less crowded. Nobody wants to have a ruined time and to be forced to move somewhere else because of the smoke.


Cruise's dress code

Some cruise ships may provide information about the dress code that is appropriate when being on board. It does not happen very often. However, there are some more fancy options when travelling on a cruise such as formal dinners or some shows, where You can't just show up in a beach clothing. The dress code dedicated to such an event on a ship is usually SMART CASUAL. Check the website when being in doubts or call the customer service.


Turn it down

Keep the noise to the minimum. Walls on cruises can be very thin. Think about others that they may not like to listen to Your loud music, phone chats, yelling at children or having sex (it all applies to staying hotel rooms as well). Slamming doors is one of the top complaints. However, the door may be heavy, and when shutting them gently, they may not be closed properly. Ask a member of the crew how to close the door without making much noise. If it is not possible to do it another way around, try to push gently, especially during late hours when many of the passengers are already asleep.  

Unless You are watching a match or You are involved in an activity that requires using Your voice in a higher volume, there is no need for shouting under regular conversational circumstances.

Photo by PULLKATT, Flickr

In the line

It is never alright jumping the queue when embarking, re-boarding or getting to the buffet table.. Just wait! The cruise will not leave without You and everyone will get some food. Try to encourage Your children to be patient and to wait with You (it might be hard with very small kids). Always have Your ID, passport or a guest card with You.

Do not be in such a hurry that You compromise the safety of others.

Do not complain

Whining and grumbling are neither classy nor elegant. It is Your holiday and maybe other people's also. When feeling a need to place a bad comment, try to distract Yourself with a conversation with someone else. You can meet interesting people when You are waiting.

Appreciate the crew

Be mindful that crew members work seven days a week without a day off until the cruise is stopping over or reaches the final destination. Working hard long hours and days and still being kind, focused and smiley are not  easy tasks for many of us. The staff does that all the time. Show them Your love and leave either a praising letter (if You experience a great service, or Your problem has been solved) or give a tip at the end of Your trip.

Listen and follow

If You carefully listen to all instructions given by members of the crew, there will no need to ask several times the same questions and can ensure Your safety in a case of emergency

Do not forget the three C's at the sea: Let consideration, courtesy and civility be Your guide points. And do not forget to bring along with You a pleasant attitude, your sunniest smile and good manners.

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If You want to experience a deluxe treatment, go for newer and just refurbished cruises. You will set up Your expectations very high so the next time You will be going with a ship (which is cheaper then the creme de la creme one), You may be disappointed. You live once so save some money and let Yourself being treated like royalty because You deserve :)

Have You ever been on a cruise? If so, what did You like the most? Feel free to share Your stories here or on social media

This article is inspired by 'Cruise Ship Etiquette' by Linda Coffman.

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Nie wiem, ile z Was planuje jeszcze ostatnie wyjazdy wakacyjne w bardziej egzotyczne miejsca? Mimo to, chciałabym podzielić się z Wami na temat zachowywania się z gracją podczas podróży statkiem. Sama uczestniczyłam w pięknym ślubie na takim właśnie statku w zeszłym roku.

Odpowiedni ubiór

Bez względu na to, czy bierzesz udział w dwu-dniowej imprezie na statku, albo czy są to dwu-tygodniowe wakacje odpowiedni ubiór to podstawa. Tyczy się to zwłaszcza tych z nas, które planuja podróże, gdzie na pokładzie będzie można spotkac międzynarodowych pasażerów. To, co w naszej kulturze jest akcpetowalne w innej może być zakazane, więc warto brać to pod uwagę. Nie powinno zdarzyć się, że chodzisz w swojej bieliźnie, bikini (chyba, że jesteś przy basenie), albo piżamie po pokładzie.

Pilnowanie dzieci

Podczas podróżowania z dziećmi miej na nie oko. Bieganie po pokładzie, chlapanie innych pasażerów, albo płacz, bo zgubiło się rodziców nie uprzyjemni czasu innym. Każde zachowania, które nie jest uważane za grzeczne na ziemi, czy w domu, nie jest też grzeczne na pokładzie.

Photo by Dirk Hundertmark, Flickr

W kolejce

Może zdarzyć się, że statek pozostaje w porcie na jeden dzień, więc to świetna okazja do pozwiedzania miast portowych, do których cumujecie. Podczas wracania na pokład, stania w kolejce do bufetu, albo zwyczajnego czekania na swoją kolej, bądź cierpliwa. Nie jest właściwym wpychanie się do kolejki. Zawsze miej przy sobie kartę pokładową i jakiś dokument tożsamości, żeby ułatwić załodze odprawę wszystkich pasażerów, bądź sprawdzenie obecności gości.

Nigdy nie bądź w takim pośpiechu, że narażasz tym bezpieczeństwo i zdrowie innych!

Zakaz narzekania

Marudzenie i jęczenie nie jest ani z klasą, ani eleganckie. To Twoje wakacje i może innych osób też, więc nie ma sensu psucie atmosfery negatywnymi słowami. Kiedy czujesz, że chcesz coś skomentować w negatywny sposób to postaraj się zająć się rozmową z innymi pasażerami na temat pogody, ich celu podróży, itp. Na statkach mozna spotkac naprawdę miłych ludzi

Photo by Peter ZZZ, Flickr

Słuchaj instrukcji

Jeśli wszyscy skupiliby się na tym, co mówi załoga to nie byłoby potrzeby zadania pytań na temat spraw, o których już mówiono podczas dawania instrukcji. Oczywiście zapytać raz jeszcze nie zaszkodzi, ale nieuważne słuchanie członków załogi pokazuje jak bardzo się ich szanuje (albo nie). Instrukcje podawane pasażerom dotyczą przede wszystkim naszego bezpieczeństwa podczas podróży.

Niech naszymi wskazówkami w każdej jednej sytacji ( nie tylko na statku) będą grzeczność, uprzejmość i dobre maniery. Nie zapomnij zabrać ze sobą przyjmnego nastawienia, pięknego uśmiechu i odpowiedniego zachowania.

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Czy kiedyś podróżowałaś statkiem? Jeśli tak to podziel się swoim wrażeniami.

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