No. 49: Making a house a home

Style has nothing to do with the amount of money one possesses. Doing just a little bit extra every single time You buy something and using Your imagination and creativity cost almost nothing. I often find myself mixing high and low priced items whether these are clothes, decorations, books and so on. And You can do the same.

You home is like Your wardrobe; it should reflect Your style, personality, interests, stories, hobbies and who You are. When someone enters the house, one knows that You live in here. You do not have to be ashamed and afraid to show some personality - souvenirs from Your trips, fine dining china, real precious stones that You found in an auction house or whatever. It is not about showing off but embracing who you are.

How to create a home?

1. Music

There are vibes that match everyone's mood. Find Your favourite type and fall into it. I think music and melody are the easiest ways to express Yourself and get inspired. I like jazz very much. Thanks to my friend (and God only knows how much I thank Him for having her in my life), Dominika, who studies jazz, I have a chance to explore more about it; singers and musicians I have never heard of. Maybe Your favourite lyrics will encourage You to sing along.

2. Flowers

In my opinion flowers show that there is a woman somewhere around (flowers and womanhood go hand in hand for me). You can move beyond boring glass containers and vases. Flat bunches of flowers fit perfectly on a dinner table and do not bother when having a meal. Long and tall vases are more of a decor in empty spots. Click here for some more ideas.

3. Candles

They add something romantic to the interior and in colder and darker evenings can help You with creating a cosy ambience. There are plenty of choices when it comes to buying candles. You can go for scented ones or the ones that look very fancy. Get lanterns, candle holders or plates where You can place Your tapers. More ideas can be found here.

4. China and porcelain

Every classy lady has a set or two of fine china. I remember my mother having a few: a rough one for everyday use and two more for special occasions like Christmas, Easter and family anniversaries. The same applies to glassware. At my mother's house, there is a cupboard with all kinds of glasses that are only for special usage. I find china and glassware perfect ideas for gifts. Click here for more.